Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dottie Awards Update!!!

Even with our valiant efforts, I've fallen to 4th place for "Most Likely To Succeed". For all of you that voted, THANK YOU!!! .. and for those who haven't yet, PLEASE GO HERE now, scroll down and vote. You know 'cause 3rd place would be way better than 4th. Hey what can I say, I'm pretty low maintenance..

On a brighter Dottie Award note, Kadi has a chance to pull off a WIN for "Captain Of The Cheer Squad"!!! She has several fantastic pleas for last minute votes on her blog.. it's a must see. Not only does she include a reenactment of the true life bif she made during cheer leading tryouts back in the day (in her uniform) but it also stars a hottie varsity dude .. What's not to love??

Dang, the girl is GOOD!

Do the right thing, my fellow blogaholics ... VOTE!



Kadi said...

Thanks for the shout out! I will enter you in the purse giveaway :)
I think I may have actually scared my readers away after my latst video from this morning...oooops.

Cherish said...

Sorry, I have been slacking at keeping updated on the blogs lately! I am off to vote NOW!!


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