Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Schoolhouse Rock!

Last night I was groaning over feeling old after watching the new 90210. Brenda is now a drama teacher and Kelly a guidance counselor at BHHS??! Say it ain't SO!

Leave it to Lori at Weebles to remind me to celebrate my age.. This is Round 8 of "Lori's Childhood Trivia" and it's all about Schoolhouse Rock and what lines you remember (NO GOOGLING):

The funny part is, we were just talking about SHR the other night and I was singing my entry at Lori's site (and several others) to DH. We learned so much from those great little ditties. They really need to start running them again!

This trivia game recounted Saturday mornings filled with favorite cartoons (Scooby Dooo!), Mama making Mickey Mouse pancakes then me throwing on my (clay wheeled) roller skates and heading off for my next big adventure. Lori, thank you for all the wonderful songs now stuck in my head and for reminding me that, although I'm going to be a weee bit of an older parent, I wouldn't trade when I grew up for anything!



Lori said...

Conjunction Junction, what's your...thanks for the shout out, Melissa! It's a good day for a ditty, isn't it?

Tiff said...

I cracked up over this one! My brother got the Schoolhouse Rock DVD for my daughter for Christmas last year, sure brought back some memories!

Liz K. said...

I tried to get into the new 90210, in hopes that it would bring back the good ol' days, but it made it worse for me...I hear ya sister!

bkc223 said...'s WEST Beverly HS, NOT BHHS. Geez girl, get your 90210 right! LOL!!!


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