Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Little Blog Of Mine..

.. I'm Gonna Let it Shine..

This blog was officially launched last June in part as (affordable) therapy and also as a journal for our future child(ren). I am very much aware I'm far from eloquent and thank the Good Lord for spell check. I am grateful for all of you that surf by and check in on our little world and so appreciate the wonderful comments and emails I receive. It's very humbling.

Admittedly, this blogging journey has not been all warm fuzzies and happy face icons. Since it's inception close family and friends have voiced concerns over our privacy. I've opened our lives up to everyone and anyone and I can't blame them for being worried. In fact, one of DH's exes has been following it for a while now and that has brought on a level of discomfort for them as well. For the record, none of this bothers either myself or DH. We love our family and friends dearly and know they have our best interests at heart.

My hope is to continue to write publicly as our little odyssey unfolds in the same discreet manner. This blog has morphed into my comfort zone and has helped keep me focused and "sane". My intent is to bring it to an end only when I run out of things to say (for all that know me personally, I'm certain that statement was cause for eye rolls aplenty).

I don't think my writing is all that powerful but I do hope to shed light on a process that seems shrouded by smoke and mirrors. I am grateful for the opportunity to voice (scream) my innermost fears and struggles and wish to thank all of you that have walked in our shoes for your continued encouragement. Of course, prayers from all are always welcomed! Bottom line... ya'll are my support group.

Maybe someday our kiddos will read this and really get a true sense of how much they were wanted and loved before we even set eyes on them. Hopefully they will understand we truly waited (albeit anxiously) for the right placement to come along.



Oh yeah and .. Go Broncos!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I have brief twinges of weirdness about privacy on my blog but honestly, other strangers have more info about me. Phone company employees, bank employees, and more have WAY more info that could cause possible harm and they have more of the means to be able to do something with it.

I think your kids will love reading this once you find them.

Kadi said...

I have had the same sort of thing at times...
keep the big picture withing your mind's eye at all times.
Life cannot be wasted worrying incessantly about others think and if some wacko broad gets her jollies by stalking her ex-boyfriend's wife's blog...well...she obviously needs therapy and not any of your recognition on a blog that should only be reserved for talking about your special journey.
Whatta weirdo she must be.
Anyway...enough rambling. Keep on blogging and sharing. We love it!

Kadi said...

Shii. I really need to proofread.

Kadi said...

Exactly my point.


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