Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Micro Road Trip

We're all "dog people". Everyone in our family has at least one and nearly all are rescues. Missy and My Kiwi lost their darling, 12 year old Cairn Terrier (Linus) recently and were completely heartbroken. Missy had gotten him as an eensie puppy and he was a Mama's Boy.

Their remaining Cairn (Rufus) is Mr. Personality and LOVES everyone he meets. He is a playful little guy with bright eyes and a constant tail wag. Poor little fella was just lost without his best buddy and he needed a canine companion pronto.

After loads of searching we found Gavin at Cairn Rescue USA. His pictures were adorable, his personality sounded perfectly matched with Rufus and he was being fostered in Wyoming. Just a hop, skip and a jump away!

Mind you, our family can't just get into a car and go pick up a dog. Oh no no. We turn moments like this into an event. We loaded up the motor home and made a big day trip out of it. Bright and early Saturday morning, we were headed north to Cowboy Country...

We planned to meet Gavin and his foster family in Casper (they live about 2 1/2 hours north and were kind enough to drive down part way.. bless their hearts!). DH does business in Casper quite regularly and had golfed there in the past. Knowing there was loads of parking and nice green grass for dog play, we set up camp right next to one of the courses...

.. and Rufus awaited Gavin's arrival..

Missy meeting Gavin for the first time..

Mommy and Gavie..

The Men Folk played a round of 18 holes while us chickies held down the fort. We were a sight to behold! Two gals in camp chairs and dogs (we brought one of our min pins also) in Xpens about 30 yards from the first tee box. We would run into the rig for potty breaks, to get water (or Hard Mikes) and munchies.

It was hot as H.E Double Hockey Sticks and I was sweltering in the jeans and top I threw on in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, I didn't have shorts in the motor home.. everything but. I did, however, score a pair of DH's swim trunks and an old tank top of mine. Niiiicee. I have no doubt that my keg cup pulled my redneck look together completely. So nice to accessorize properly. Mama would be proud. I may just post that picture at a later date..

Please bear in mind, this was no crummy city course, it's pretty dang froufrou. I'm sure we were the talk of the Club House (which was just off to our right)..

Knowing full well this was probably our last opportunity to soak up the sun and just relax for the season, Missy and I made the most of the beautiful day. We chatted, read and played with the dogs.

Me and my Baby relaxed in the shade..

Mr. Gavin is a delightful little guy and got along wonderfully with Rufus and our min pin, Maria. He is 5 years old and spent his life in a cage as a puppy mill breeder dog. This past June the rescue was able to finagle him (and several other dogs) from the mill as they were to be put down because they were "done with them".

For not having contact with people or much socialization his whole life, he really is a sweet and trusting boy. His foster parents did an amazing job with him these past 3 months and we so look forward to watching him blossom as he is showered with more love and attention. For now, he is very shy but loves to be on laps and snuggle.

When the husbands finished their game in the early evening, we had a feast prepared (okay, Missy did) of lasagna, manicotti, garlic bread and a bottle of cab sav waiting for them. We toasted to family and to the newest little member of our pack. We rolled back into the driveway at about 10pm.. it was a fantastic day.

All this hoopla over a little dog. Yes, that's how we roll. I can't even begin to imagine what our future over the top shanigans are going to be when we finally have a child placed with us. Should be a hoot!


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