Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation Planning 101

Our last family trip this past spring with My Kiwi and Sissy In Law was to Napa for a visit with their Auntie. We had (what I consider) a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a private tour and wine tasting in the caves at Caldwell Vineyard. Auntie has been widowed for several years now and rents a room out to people she meets through church. Currently it's Barbara.. a Sommelier and Director of Hospitality and Marketing for the vineyard. She was as enthusiastic to teach us as we were to learn and it was a relief she didn't look down her nose at the goofiness that is us. She adores DH's and Missy's Aunt and was excited to host our amazing morning. We laughed, learned and had a wonderful time.

I'm proud to say, we no longer chug a lug... we swirl, volatilizing the esters (or -- to help us remember-- "violating Aunt Ester".. she was our kinda gal), we smell, we slurp (trying not to gag) and we breathe... using our senses and taking in all that it embodies. There is so much that goes into a bottle of wine and we came away with a newly found appreciation for the art of its making (not to mention, a pretty nice buzz).

This past Saturday evening as we sat over delicioso Mexican food after 9 holes of golf (that's not quite what I did but hack is such a harsh word), the four of us contemplated where our next vacation will be. Rather than fly, why not jump in our motorhome and be tourists in our own state? Colorado is chock full of beauty, points of interest and wineries.

Um, hello?

Our next family trip will most likely involve lugging diaper bags, strollers, and all kinds of other baby unmentionables I can't even wrap my childless mind around. Gone are the vacations of sleeping in, catching up on the books I've collected and relaxing. We're ushering in a whole new era .. I'm not sure what it holds but I doubt a wine tour is on the agenda. More like picnics by rivers, hikes through national forests and s'mores by a campfire.

Bless their hearts.. My Kiwi and Sissy in Law are still up for it..


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Stella said...

That prospect seems so exciting to me, for you! We just came back from vacation with two kids and I thought it was going to be miserable lugging all that wasn't!! It wasn't bad at all....can't wait to do it again!

Those caves look incredible!


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