Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Get It..

I remember asking Mama what she wanted to be when she grew up.

She always replied, "A Mommy."

"No," I would persist, "before that. What did you want to BE? A doctor? A lawyer? A vet? A scientist? What?"

"Honey," she would always say, "I wanted to be a Mommy.. it's the most important job."

I would roll my eyes and think that was seriously the lamest answer ev-er. An important job changes lives. It can even save lives. It rocks worlds. It provides. It makes you feel like you've found your reason for being. It completes you. It is exciting. It makes a difference. It makes you someone that will never be forgotten.

Who da thunk she knew that all along. Sometimes the grand scheme of things is just inside your own front door.

I'm fortunate .. I got to eat my words and tell Mama (on more than one occasion) before she passed,

"You were right and I was so wrong."

She would just grin and relish the moment.



Tracee said...

I hope you don't mind that I copied and pasted your definition of the most important job in the world into my adoption inspiration journal. I'm trying to adopt out of foster care as a single parent and I tend to get caught up in the search, the diagnoses and behaviors and the realities of life with a "hurt" child. This post helped to remember the other perspective, that in all likelihood I will make a difference in a child's life. Thank you for posting it.

Melissa said...

Hi Tracee,

Gosh, I don't mind a bit.. I'm happy to help!

Going through all this crazy and doing it as a single parent is no small task. I applaud your bravery! I will keep you in my prayers for strength and peace.

Hugs from CO!!!

Ginny said...

My mom always said the same thing. You have a touching blog, good luck to you!


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