Friday, August 15, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Apparently not. If you do (and you were, say, anyone other than my husband) you would have heard me tell you last night that we had 3 (three, tres, two more than one) kiddos coming tomorrow morning. Not two children.. which he swears is what I told him. Um, no. Seriously, I wonder sometimes if I'm really the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons that is the "Wha wha wha" noise in the back round.

Oh well, can't say I don't suffer from selective hearing myself (but that's different.. that usually pertains to shopping).


1 comment:

Liz K. said...

He's a guy...none of them hear correctly...mine conveniently doesn't hear me so often that I sit here and think I am going nuts...didn't I really tell him that or this? Or did I just think it? Or??? AHG!


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