Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Great Meeting..

I'm happy to report, no speeding tickets were issued this evening and I made it with time to spare.

All the kiddos in attendance were with their fost/adopt families that are hoping to adopt them. What a wonderful group of kids. They all had a blast and it fun just to watch them having fun.

It was really cool to see a couple that we met during training in January. We all sat at the same table for those two very intense days and we really enjoyed getting to know them. They were certified in April and got their first placement a month ago (a darling little girl just shy of 2 years old). She is precious. They have a son that is 4 and they've got their hands full but are totally up for the challenge.

We had a big round table discussion (the speaker backed out) so it was a good time for everyone to chat about successes, failures and everything in between. I had nothing to contribute, of course, but they were all very kind and welcomed me into the fold.

At this point I think it's easy to lose steam and it was a total boost to meet everyone. They all reminded me to go with our gut instinct when we get "the call".. it needs to be the right situation and they will call again if we say, "No". Our training friends said no twice before getting the call on their little girl. It was a looong time before they got it and they were sure they were blacklisted. LOL.

Once we have a kiddo (or two) I have no doubt this wonderful group will be our lifeline. It's a pretty cool club. :o)


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