Saturday, August 9, 2008

Translate This..

I mentioned in an earlier post that J told us we're the only certified couple that is willing to take 2 kids. DH reiterated that we prefer one but if there was a chance siblings would be split up, we could take 2 (as long as they were manageable for us newbies). She went on to ask ("hypothetically speaking") if there was a darling 2 year old girl that had, say, a 4 year old brother that was a "bit of a handful" would we consider them? DH told her we would be willing to hear their information, ask all the questions we've got on stand by and if we felt comfortable with the resources we have available, we may give it a go (hypothetically, of course).


This morning I surfed over to one of my daily must reads "My New Normal" and lo and behold, her post today hit me square in the gut. It's about what social workers say verses what they mean. You'll have to go and read it for yourself..

I can only imagine what "a bit of a handful" translates to here in reality.


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