Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's Wissa?? WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!

For the $10 gift card to Target for guessing a correct location, the winners are...
*Miss Tori!



*The Nichelsons!

The winner of the $25 Target gift card is...

drum roll please..



If ya'll would email your info to me at myfullcircle at gmail dot com I'll get your cards out to you!!!

A BIG BIG, "THANK YOU!!!" to my wonderful illustrator Sara Showalter for getting the caricature made on such short notice and to wonderful Cousin Kadi for dropping everything and getting the button and "Where's Wissa?" logo created.

Of course, a HUGE thank you to DH's family for letting us invade. The Oregon coast is amazing, as was the company shared. We laughed so hard my face still hurts, ate way too much (my scale cried when I got on it yesterday) and took in some fantastic sights. Some wonderful memories were made and it's a trip we'll never forget.

Wissa made loads of friends along the way and might not go into full retirement.. she may just keep popping up now and then..


Tiff said...

WooHoo! I won! Yippee!!

Glad you had a great trip, and next time head up a little further north, mmmkay? ;)

Where's Wissa was a great game. Will Wissa be making any more appearances in the future?

Heather said...

Whoo hoo! I feel like I lucked out, since I've been to all of the places you visited. So thanks for heading west on your vacation. :)

Auntie Moo said...

Wissa's wardrobe took a beating on this trip . . . . she'll have to get some new clothes made for her next trip! The poor girl even lost her belly-button diamond somewhere along the way.

Thanks, Missy, for letting us play along with Wissa!

Just Jenn said...

DARN IT! I was going to guess that! My Uncle lives out there! Makes me want to make a visit! Fun! -Jenn

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Aw man I missed the whole thing!

Congrats to the finalists and I'm glad you had a great trip.

Snow Mommy said...

Yippee for Tiff! Glad you had fun Melissa!


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