Friday, October 23, 2009

The Rest Of The Story

Well, now I can come clean and share some of the Oregon trip with ya'll. We flew into Portland, jumped in our rental, picked up Nantie's daughter and headed west. We then invaded Auntie C's beautiful home in Pacific City.

I'm sure she's still reeling..

One of our first sightseeing stops (the following morning) was for cheese and ice cream. That's how we roll on vaycay, my friends!

Auntie Moo.. I see you! Cousin J, too!

We went to see my Mother In Law's former home at the mouth of the Columbia. The view was brilliant..

Lookey Loo's? US?

In our defense, Wissa was no better!

(and yes, a neighbor did come out and asked if she could help us with anything. That got a giggle and a snort.. we're so beyond help..).

Of course, Lewis & Clark's famous Cape:

Somehow Missy overlooked the sign:

And got this great shot of the cove..

I climbed into the kids tunnel at the aquarium with Wissa..

(with all the other 3 year olds)

And DH got a finger hug from a sea anemone..

We were on a mission to find the best clam chowder on the coast. To do so, we had eat it every day (that's dedication, people!). Hence, the crying scale when I got home. Voted BEST clam chowder by our crew..

The Sea Hag in Depoe Bay (Also, My Kiwi proclaimed they have the best fish and chips he has had in the U.S. thus far!).

Best Salt Water Taffy?

Bruce's Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach (try the lemon!). DH and his siblings went there as children and it's still the family fav. We brought pounds of it home..

I had a wonderful time meeting family (who are so stuck with us now there's no turning back), seeing places I've heard about for years and visiting a very beautiful part of our country (for the first time). I wish I could've bottled the laughter (it still sings in my heart).

This trip was another reminder that time (and family) are a precious gift.


Denver Jen said...

Looks like a great trip! I spent a week every summer in Cannon Beach when I was younger. We also honeymooned on the Oregon coast around this time of year. It's so beautiful and not as many people around. Hope you had a great trip!

Sheri said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Both you and DH deserved some time together and on vacation.

Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing it with us!

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Sounds like a great trip..and you were SO close to us! :)
Love Bruce's Candy Kitchen, hands down the best taffy ever!


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