Monday, October 12, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

Nantie, Missy (Auntie MooMoo) and I went for a Girls Day to

We were instantly feeling tranquil when we arrived

We walked in looking like this (eewwww)

And strutted out looking like that (shabang!)

Let me tell ya, it was well worth walking around Downtown Denver wearing flip flops in 30 degree weather.


I Capture
Perfect Moments.


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Looks like a great relaxing day- that you for sure deserve!

Chelle said...

Just gorgeous!

And I would walk around in 30 degree weather w/flip flops for a great pedi like that :)

Lavender Luz said... much as I love a good pedicure, I don't think I would wear flip-flops in 30 degree weather for one!

Your tootsies are saWEET!

Quiet Dreams said...

Sounds divine, but I think I'm with Lori on this one...and is it really already 30 degrees there? Crazy.

Sheri said...

Your toes look awesome! And, no matter how good they look, isn't a pedicure just awesome???

I'm so glad you are taking time to yourself.

I'm with Lavender Luz and Quiet bare feet in thirty degree weather for me. :)

Parenthood For Me said...

Nothing like feeling pampered

tubelessstl said...

I so love a great pedicure. Ahhhhhh. Reminds me, I need to call for my next appointment.


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