Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where's Wissa?? Day 1 ~ Continued

Wissa says ya'll are doing great!

The plane touched down and we had to Java up..

Got our luggage and wandered around looking for the rental car kiosk..

Hit the road and headed west to surprise Uncle M and have lunch...

Did I mention he is the manager of a pub??
We made it to our final destination a few hours later.. Auntie C's!! Her home is amazing and her views are spectacular. Day 2 should have more revealing pictures...

Some have answered correctly and will be in the running for the $10 Target gift card... Keep the comments coming, as all are entries for the big $25 Target gift card!!

(PS.. Cousin Fred Farkle, you CANNOT win any prizes as family members are automatically disqualified!)


Sheri said...

Are those the letters in the words, "Aloha State?"...which, of course, would be Hawaii.

That would mean your departure board from yesterday was only the first stop on your way to the islands.

If it's Hawaii...I'm so jealous! But I'm also glad you get to get away.

Tiff said...

Are you in Hawaii?!? Did I see the Aloha State in one of the pics?

The Nichelsons said...

I'm guessing you went to the Northwest ... beautiful views... the beer on tap ... are you in the Seattle area?? Wherever you are, I hope you have a great trip!

- Ali

cloudmaster said... I am thinking Seattle, It was on the board at DIA.....Hmmmmm

alicia said...

Hmm.. it does look like the Aloha state on the sign, but could it be at street name instead?
Only having been at the Maui and Kona airport... I would say it could be the inside of the Maui Airport....(Kona has no inside airport!)

Miss Tori said...

You're in Hawaii, currently at the Aiona Station. ??

The Demille's said...

I would guess Hawaii...but maybe Seattle...apparently I really don't travel!


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