Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kimochis ~ Toys With Feelings Inside ~ Review & Giveaway!!

From Kimochis™: "We all know how important social and emotional intelligence is in a young child's development. Kimochis™...toys with feelings inside, were created to assist in the development of social and emotional intelligence, child-parent communication and help in building self-esteem in children. With an already strong following, even celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner can't resist!

Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means "feeling" in Japanese and each 13 inch Kimochis™ character comes with 3 plush "feelings" and a how-to- Feel Guide with tips for parents on connecting with their kids during emotional moments. Feelings can be messy...Kimochis™ can help!

Using the characters and their Kimochis™, kids can get in touch with their emotions through puppetry and play. And the accompanying Feel Guide introduces the fun and quirky personalities of each character that everyone can identify with!"

But really.. Are they all that?

Why yes, yes they are.

I had the opportunity to meet Kimochis™ Cat and she comes with Happy, Cranky and Curious (three smaller plush friends with the corresponding facial expressions on the front and the name of the emotion on the back). Cat is known for being bossy and stubborn (JUNEBUG) and starting "cat fights" .. so 5 bandages to heal hurt feelings come with her, as well.

Other feelings (and characters) are sold separately.

Along with our new found friends was a 48 page "Feel Guide" to help make the most of this experience.. Not only are they darling, well made, snuggly toys they go so far beyond that. Sometimes it's hard for little ones to find their words and express how they feel. It can be downright frustrating. With these wonderful charatcers we can teach our children to communicate in positive ways in the midst of emotions. I love Kimochi Cat and will be adding more characters as more children join our home! I will also be introducing her to some of the other foster parents.. I have no doubt they will see their great value, as well.

Did I mention Kimochis™ are the brainchild of a Mommy? How cool is THAT?


Here's the fun part.. Check out their web site (Kimochis.com) and choose your fav character (please note, Lovey Dovey is not available yet!). Please head on over to the Kimochis Facebook Page, become a fan and let them know what character you like the most. Let me know you've done so by comment, that's an entry. Tell me which one you want via comment.. that's an entry, as well! Tweet about it, another entry!

A winner will be chosen randomly and announced live on MomTV's Adoption Angles tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 7th ~ 9PM EST!)


**I was not paid to do this review, however, I do get to keep the product**


Kristina said...

Great review. Thanks for introducing me to these huggable emotional creatures. I am having trouble picking only one that is appropriate for Brandon (as I state in my Facebook comment and Tweet). I chose Bug, but think Cat or Huggtopus would be equally good.

SocialWrkr24/7 said...

I LOOOOVE this giveaway! I think I'd pick the Bug first - mostly cause I have a fondness for Butterflies! :) I commented on the facebook page, but did so under my real name! I will be tweeting it too!

susan said...

I'm a fan and I let them know what character we like the most.

susan said...

Tweeted ~ http://twitter.com/susanlanai/status/17963128954

susan said...

We'd love to have Huggtopus!


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