Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tonight's Rad Guest On MomTV's Adoption Angles

My lovely guest this evening is Lori from the great North West! Here is a little bit about her (in her own words):

I am a chaplain's kid (preacher's kid + military brat). I was a teacher for ten years and am now a BIT (Brain Integration Technique) Practitioner. Education is very important to me. It was one of the reasons why I gave up my child for adoption at seventeen, and education is still my passion. I find circuits in the brain that have stress and remove it to open up the areas of the brain that we need to problem solve with our rational thinking brain, so we aren't stuck in the emotional or survival parts of the brain. The BIT or LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) protocols have an emphasis on the learning process and therefore can help students with things like ADD, ADHD; auditory, speech or language processing; reading, spelling, and math problems. BIT can also help with many other things, a few examples are allergies, emotional issues, and muscle firing. After giving up my baby, I have felt a desire to help women who go through this process find their authentic path. BIT helped me move beyond my ADD toward that goal instead of just talking about them.

As a result of my emotional and healing journey, I also feel a passion for helping prospective adoptive parents be emotionally healthy parents. I studied parenting for 20 years, hoping to do it right once given the chance again. I am now also a step-mother to two amazing children. I have a blog (2nd Thought Parenting) about making parenting decisions while taking into account other caregivers, like biological parents, step parents, foster parents, relatives, etc. It can be tricky when you are not the only primary caregiver, but I feel like being a birth/first mother gives me the benefit of an additional perspective. Also, I'm a regular guest on a radio show with my sister called "The Way of the Toddler Hour" on the "I'm Thankful Network" on Mondays at 9:00 A.M. PST.

As a result of being part of the adoption process, I appreciate every moment that I get to be involved in the care and education of children!

You can also find Lori at: (website about Brain Integration Technique/s and Whole Body Vibration) (mentor Susan McCrossin's website) (articles about brain by Dr. Charles Krebs) (brain health tips)

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I tried to get in for about 20 minutes, but was unable to get the show tonight.


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