Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mama Gets A Schoolin'...

Yesterday turned out to be quite the icy commute. Pulling out of the driveway we actually slid sideways. That was a sign of things to come. The top news stories ended up being about our bitter cold weather and all the accidents caused by the slick roadways.. Like this:

On our way home (the roads were still crummy), I commented on the "dumb person" riding my bumper. Really? Driving at excessive speeds and on my tail? Not cool.

From the backseat Little Buddy piped up:

LB: Mommy, you said a a bad word.

Did one slip?

Moi: What was that?

LB: You said dumb.

M: Oh baby... that just means, "not smart" and isn't a curse word. That person was tailgating and it's dangerous.

LB: Mommy, I know it's not a swear but it's a hard word. Like when you told me not to say hate.. it's too strong. And it's a mean word.. and you even told me not to use it before.

Silence. (Totally true I might add).

M: Baby, you are right. If you can't use hard words than neither can I.. I am very sorry.

LB: That's okay Mommy.. and don't worry, I forgive you.

He listens and forgives .. *proud mama*


Jan said...

You sure lucked out with that sweet little guy! I hope today is a better day for traveling.

Willy's Auntie said...

Ahhhhhh, that was sweet. And I agree, it is NOT good when people are right on our bumpers on bad roads.

Amber said...

SUCHHHHHH a sweetie!

Bren said...

Man, if I ever get blessed with a child, I'm gonna be a BIG trouble when driving around with them! I'll have to put them in a cone of silence or something in the backseat! LOL LB is too cute.


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