Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Home ~ Our Petri Dish

Yes it's true.. SweetPea is battling The Goo once again. The night before last she was cranky and overly-clingy (the combo we found out quickly was a red flag). Last night she wasn't hungry, a little lethargic and her nose was extra gooey.

At 1am she was up coughing and crying. I gave her some meds and rocked her to sleep. At 2am we were at it again. This time I stayed in the room and let her sleep on me until 3:00. She was up on and off (as was I).

Poor little Boo!

Today I am home (thank God my employer is so understanding!) waiting to see how she does when she wakes up. A day of rest is in order (and possibly a trip to the doctor). And to think she almost made it two weeks straight without being sick.. a record..

DH is still recovering from our last round and, although I managed to dodge the last two PlagueBullets, I now have a cough and a scratchy throat, as well. Sigh...

One Tough Season

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