Monday, February 21, 2011

A Rescue In Need ~ OT But Oh Well!

As an owner of several "Dangerous Breeds" (Doberman, Husky, Bull/Lab mix), I am passionate about breed education (especially debunking myths). As someone involved in rescue for years, I'm an advocate for spay/neuter. In the past I have supported Villalobos Rescue Center financially. In addition to being an awesome rescue, they are champions in their community (holding free clinics for spay/neuter and classes).

They are now in need of our help.

If you watch Pitbulls & Parolees, you are familiar with Tia and her crew. They have moved to a new location but are having issues with a few citizens and a hearing for permits is taking place tomorrow. They are asking for letters of support (below is a sample of what they need):

Last day to get your letters to Tia, sent to: Here's some last minute suggestions: Please send your letter of support either in the body of an e-mail OR in a Word attachment.

DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION (name, address, phone number, e-mail address if possible).

If you are a Kern County ...resident, please state in your letter’s subject line. If you are a Tehachapi resident, please ESPECIALLY state in your subject line.

IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL, PLEASE STATE SO IN YOUR LETTER. (I.E., Teacher, Professor, Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Business Owner, Probation Officer, Corrections Officer, Law Enforcement, Prosecutor, Etc.)



Please do not say anything about how the county or community hates pit bulls or breed, etc. If you send an e-mail with something like "you hate Pit Bulls, parolees are dangerous, etc" The planning commission will disregard our side and dismiss us as ‘crazy’.


This is a hearing to decide if Villalobos Rescue Center, Inc. can operate a business in a residential neighborhood (called a “conditional use permit”). That means the organization will abide by all rules pertaining to this permit. The important points which people should be making are that Villalobos:

· is not polluting the environment
· maintains a low noise level
· maintains an acceptable dust level
· only takes in the amount of dogs that we can comfortably and well-care for;
· that Villalobos takes proper care of the dogs

Other points to emphasize are:

· The way Villalobos dogs are handled -- professionally and safely
· That the Villalobos kennel is always clean and well maintained
· The barking is kept under control
· Villalobos has a high adoption rate thus they are not hoarders
· Villalobos currently has good relationships and is considerate of their neighbors
· Villalobos is a valuable program that not only has always abided by the rules set before them, but also assists with saving dogs out of public kill shelters and keeping men out of prison thus making a difference to us taxpayers

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Reedu said...

I do rescue as well. And am a HUGE pit bull advocate and fan of spay/neuter. I was so sad when I first read about what's going on with Villalobos. We need more Tia's and less of the people who are looking to make life difficult for those who's lives are already difficult enough. Hope you will post an update to the hearing.


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