Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My BirthMom Seach.. Take 2...

Over a year ago I hired an acclaimed investigation service to try to find my birth mother. The same company that works for (rhymes with) Boy The Nocator. They are big time (and truly nice people). I figured if anyone could find her, they could. Right?

Um, not in a 30 minute episode come to find out..

We hit a dead end from the get go. The same issue I've had since I first started looking over 10 years ago (when I found out I was an adopted county baby). My birth name is beyond common. So much so that my non-identifying information was of little use. Zilch in the clues department. We had more questions that were not addressed in the original non-id info letter and I was advised by my investigator to contact my county of birth and look into it.

Did I mention the county's post adoption services is a wee bit understaffed? With a population of over 11 million and me not having a medical emergency, the 3 months I was told it would take to assign a social worker to turned into a year.

And that would be TODAY.

I finally got a call from my social worker this afternoon. She is going to crack into the archives and see if she can answer some of the questions. If she can, we move forward.. if not, it's a done deal. Basically we're teetering on the edge of something huge...

... or nothing at all.


Debbie Schwartz said...

I have faith!

Just today I spoke with someone whose husband was contacted last month by a bio-half-sibling he never knew he had. Turns out his mom had a baby at age 17 and made an adoption plan and never told anyone in her family. Although she took her secret to her grave, her half-siblings and extended family have welcomed her with open arms.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I choose to hope for you... And you never know, with all the increased interest in geneolgy in the last year or so there might just be someone out there looking for you.


Tracy Hahn-Burkett said...

Ooh, good luck Melissa. I hope your social worker finds an unexpected nugget of information in those archives.

@InTheKitchenKP said...

Fingers crossed it's something huge.
Big hug!


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