Sunday, November 2, 2008


DH had an amazing pc custom built for me several years back. It's lightening fast and I love it. However, since the whole blogging addiction and other writing assignments have consumed much of my free time, I've felt cooped up in the office.

I'm thrilled to announce I've joined the rest of ya'll in these modern times and am the proud owner of a bouncing, Spring Green Baby (laptop).

I can now blog (with Coco) from here...

Lounging here..

Surf from here..

..and kick it back here, too..

I currently sit at the island in the kitchen, overseeing DH's Big Sunday Breakfast and typing away. No longer will the bacon be a wee bit too crispy or hash over-browned. See, I'm not the only one reaping the benefits of my mostest favoritest gadget in the land!

I've also been told by my blogging Mama Friends that once I join the Kiddo Club I can lock myself in the bathroom and blog from there, too!

Ah, sweet freedom!



Tiff said...

Congratulations! I have yet to move into the high tech world of laptops, so I am a teensy bit jealous. You have a beautiful home, by the way!

CoftheU said...

OMG. Your own space. I am coveting your life! :)

My life is filled with 6 kids (3 birth, 3 step) and I'd love to change places with you for a week or two. Ha ha!

I love your blog and am praying and pulling for you every step of the way. Children are wonderful and I wouldn't actually change my sitch, but it does get overwhelming.

Still, I want you to get the overwhelming, OMG what-am-I-doing feeling. That's just parenting no matter HOW many you have.

Here's to you (TOAST!) getting a call before Thanksgiving. I'll cross my fingers, but I don't want to enter the contest cuz I don't want to jinx anything and I don't want to profit from anything I really want so much. (Is that weird? That I want something so much for someone I don't even know?)

Bren said...

Okay Crazy Woman...why on EARTH would you put pics of the inside of your house "out there" for all to see? You just showed the world what you have to steal. LOL (For the peeps reading this comment, I'm Melissa's bestest friend so I'm "allowed" to scold her!) Oh, and...LOVE the ho toes!!! You rock mama-to-be!

Melissa said...

Tiff.. THANK YOU!!

Cofthue ~ I'm so thankful for all my bloggy friends.. thank you (all) for being mine! Oh, having a placement by Thanksgiving would ROCK! Do play, though! There is no such thing as bad mojo when Target is involved!

Bren.. I LOVES YA, GIRL! I can just HEAR your groaning as you read that post. The upside: I doubt anyone is in the market for two 10 year old tv's and a 12 year old foster min pin. LOL. I painted my toes just for YOU! ;o)

Stella said...

It's a wonderful freedom!!!

hrw102779 said...

Don't forget along with locking yourself in the bathroom you can know hide in closets and the garage while blogging!!


Kadi said...

And if you really are desperate for a safe blogging place, the roof also works (not in the winter though!)
Congrats on your green baby!


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