Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Thank You and Other Ramblings..

First of all, I wanted to send out a HUMONGO THANK YOU to the ladies of MomDot, What's That Smell? and A Womb At The Inn(Sane) for getting the word out about The Guessing Game Giveaway. Never before (and probably ever again) will my little blog see the likes that monstrous traffic! There were tons of new guesses. You ladies are THE BEST!!

Secondly (like all of you), I am heaving a huge sigh of relief that election day is finally here. The nasty tv ads will cease, no more junk mail and our phone will finally get a rest. I wish there was some to advise all parties when you send your mail in ballot so they would stop the nonsense... but no such luck. I mean come on, has anyone actually taken a call and been so moved by what was said that they changed their vote? Seriously?

The downside of mailing my ballot in early? I DON'T get an "I Voted!" sticker and lose out on:
*A Free Krispy Kreme doughnut
*A tall cup of joe from Starbucks
*An egg roll from a Chinese fast food joint (the name escapes me now)
*A scoop of Ben and Jerry's ice cream

The upside: I won't be packing on the pounds (er, today).

Be safe and patient out there today!!


PPPSSSTTT.. Don't forget.. you can post a new date and time EVERY DAY til Sunday!
Full Circle


Who Me? said...

Read about your blog from Kadi's. It might be easier to read if your text color was different. Other than that, I like what you've got to say. I'm adding you to my blogroll =D


Bren said...

LOVE the pic of you on Kadi's blog. Dude...you look like that creepy girl from The Exorcist!! KIDDING!

Um, kinda...

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

They didn't have stickers here. Indiana is weird.


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