Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things Are Movin' Right Along..

Auntie (now also known as "Nantie" for Nanny-Auntie..LOL) has been contacted by her home study worker and already received some of her info (fingerprint cards, etc). She waits to hear back from a recruiter on the date of the training class this month (the big 2 day, 16 hour, mind numbing, heart wrenching training course). "D" (her home study worker) is one of the trainers and will be getting together with her for an hour or so (during breaks) to get a head start on her home study. A weee bit bass-ackwards (which is no surprise since that's pretty much we roll anyway).

Other than that, the phone is absolutely silent (especially now that the election is over.. thank the Good Lord above!).

The weather is cccccold and really starting to feel like winter is coming. It's crazy how fast time comes and goes.. a year ago right now I was playing out how I was going to present the adoption information to DH, hoping and praying I could get him on board. At that time my thoughts were consumed by both getting pregnant AND finding the perfect Plan B (adoption). By then I was thoroughly convinced fost/adopt was the road to take and fairly sure we were not going to get pregnant. How in the WORLD was I going to find the right words to express to my DH how right this type of adoption felt in my heart?

Obviously, the words came (and were Heaven Sent).

Now I sit here with training courses under my belt, books read (yet more on the nightstand), blogs scoured, back round searches completed, home study done and a thumbs up from The Board. A little blue card placed carefully in my wallet declares I've been certified since July. I stare at the phone, daring it to ring. My how time flies.

I wonder what we'll have under our belts this time NEXT year!



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Full Circle

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Karla said...

Sounds like the train's rolling on down the tracks. Let's hope it keeps momentum and you're cuddling your kiddles soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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