Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nantie Goes To Training

There is no possible way explain how eye opening the county's training course is. It was, hands down, one of my most intense experiences ever and two days that changed our lives. The instructors have been in the program for years, truly love the children and want what's best for them. They pull no punches, answer the really tough questions and make it perfectly clear: reunification is their goal. They lay it all out there with the intention of arming us with information to decide whether to sign on or walk away.

Nantie is actually getting 8 more hours of it than we did.

Friday was her first day of training and of course I called her at 5:02 PM to see how it went. She was exhausted (told ya so!) and echoed the overwhelming feelings she experienced throughout the day. Funny, they already knew her Nanny Auntie (Nantie) nickname. She assumed I made them aware of my blog.. I laughed and told her I had not. DOH!

As with us, that little perfect bubble world is forever popped. The effects that neglect and abuse have on the children at the hands of their families (or friends of the family) will forever haunt us. Her now, as well. She is inspired by what is possible and excited to be part of our journey (whether our placements return home or stay with us). We are so blessed she's moving in.

No doubt about it, Angels are watchin' over us.


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Nichole said...

The bubble most definitely is popped once you read about foster care and talk to people that are part of the system. I don't think that the majority of us understand just how may children are abused and how horrific the abuse is. The "Postcards from Insanity..." blog has been really helpful for me as well as talking to social workers (past and present). I think it helps prepare us for those children that might come into our care due to severe abuse. Hearing those stories also fuels my desire to help even more.


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