Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Gentle Giant

DH is 6'3" and a total man's man. He's the quiet type that doesn't talk just to hear his own voice. When he does have a story or something to say it's typically downright hysterical or very insightful. He's athletic, crazy smart and oh la la handsome. Although he doesn't do dishes and makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes (I'm sure he's missing patches on his head because of me, as well) I know without a shadow of a doubt how very lucky I am to be his wife.

After 7+ years you think you know someone. I knew DH would be good with the kids but I didn't expect him to knock it out of the park. He is fantastic at parenting. He is silly and fun but in complete control and boy howdy does he read a mean bedtime story. More often than not, I'm giggling along with the twins.

He is our gentle giant.

DH has made quite the impression on the kids. When I asked Jack what he wants to be when he grows up he said DH's name. When I said, "No darling, for a job.. like a teacher, doctor, fireman.." He still insisted on being DH. The twins adore him and the feeling is mutual.

The other night as the kids slept and the house was quiet, I asked DH if we do adopt how thinks he would act when (years from now) a suitor came calling for Jill. He thought for a moment and said,

"Like my hero Bill Engvall says, I'll take him aside, sit him down and say, 'Son, this is my baby. Know above anything else I have no problem going back to prison'...."

Ya gotta love Bill.


(PS.. Let it be known, I'm not sucking up to DH for Valentines Day.. he doesn't read the blog.. LOL)


Mountain Girl said...

Your husband sounds alot like mine! My DH is 6'7" and can be very tender and sweet - we have no kids - foster, bio, or otherwise. But, when I did home daycare in Fort Collins, he was smitten with the kids! It made my heart melt! He doesn't "do" dishes either especially if they are "sticky" or lots of them?! I plead my case with him regarding this topic on a regular basis! I check your blog regularly to find out if an adoption will occur! :-) Your friend down the Front Range!

Kadi said...

Whatta keeper! Hope you are doing well. Call me when you get a spare second (which is, of course, never!)

Bren said...

OMG! U made me almost cry. That strong, silent type...they are the keepers, ain't they? :-) Too bad he's missing some from pictures, eh? (Get it? Get it?) heh heh heh

Michelle said...

It sounds like our hubbies were carved from the same mold.. my but we are some luckies ladies aren't we?? Isn't funny how quickly you can fall so crazy in love with someone you didn't even know exsisted a couple of months ago? I'm so happy to hear that every thing is going so well!


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