Friday, February 20, 2009


This is fair warning for my coworkers and other friends:

We had a horrible night.. Jill cried on and off from midnight to 4am. Unable to sleep, Jack came into our room no less than 5 times seeking solitude. Up down up down. It seemed never ending. They are actually perky this morning, dressing without incident for Nantie.

Wish I could see the same for myself.

My body is numb and the coffee is not kicking in. If you see me today, I'll be the 39 1/2 year old that is mentally unstable with dark bags under her eyes. Tread lightly around me. Consider yourselves warned.

Thank God It's Friday.



Michelle said...

:( poor kids.

I can't imagine what must be going through their minds..Hopefully they will sleep better tonight and you can get some much needed rest! Hang in there! :)

Michelle said...

You poor thing... you'll have the weekend to recover. Isn't it amazing how kids can be up half the night and in the morning act like nothing ever happened? haha! :)

Stacie said...

thanks for "dropping" in on my blog...hope you get some needed rest this weekend!

Seeker said...

poor girl....hope you get to sleep in this weekend. rest and enjoy...

Amber said...

Sweetie, I am so sorry. When I am sleep deprived or sick are my toughest times as a mom. I hope you get some quality R&R this weekend!

Kadi said...

Just think...if you had newborns...your boobs would be raw from nursing and horomones on overdrive as well as the exhaustion. Now...why the hell did I not choose to adopt?
Just showing you the silver lining!! :)
Love ya!

Bren said...

Dude, screw the coffee on mornings like that. Go STRAIGHT for the Red Bull. Works WONDERS for me, and I don't even have kids!


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