Friday, February 27, 2009

Sticker Shock

"Can we pwwwweeesse put these stickers on the walls?" (Adorable Blinky Blinky Brown Eyes)

"If you promise to only put a couple up.. sure, next to the poster is fine..."

"We pwomise..."

And the migration across the room begins..

They magically sprout wings and fly downstairs.

All stickers need a little light, right?

They check out the view..

And eventually have to go potty.

Nantie's bedroom wall (and Nantie herself) were also ambushed. There are more throughout the house, but ya'll get the picture.

The upside? At least it's not crayon.



cloudmaster said...

aren't kids a blast!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

You are right, at least it's not crayon. Too funny :-) Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Love it!!! :)

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

OH that is TOO cute!

Lana said...

Looks like your house is plagued by sticker-itis. Not to worry. It's not overly contagious, but it can spread quickly without warning. (looks like you've discovered that already). Sorry, but the only cure is time. ☺ ☺
That's so cute!!

Elizabeth said...

My house has the same "epidemic". Buy a bottle of Goo-Off or Undu and the stickers will come right off.


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