Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Latest Low Down


I've had several emails and comments asking where we stand in all this so here's the skinny:

As ya'll may recall, we had changed our status from 2 children to 1 child five months ago (or so we thought) and were surprised we were even contacted about twins to begin with. We figured it was a matter of urgency since the call came on the Sunday over the three day MLK weekend. It was. They needed to be moved by the following Friday and it was a short week.

With what little info the county had on them and the case, we could not (in good conscience) say whether or not we thought they would be a good match for us. We were relieved the wonderful worker "K" totally understood and didn't cop a 'tude like "J" did when we turned down the placement back in September.

So we went into this as an emergency placement with the understanding that once things settle down and we got to know the kids, we have the opportunity to change our status to foster to adopt. If we felt it wasn't a good match and they are more than we can handle, we would let "K" know right away and she would start looking for a fost/adopt family to move them to.

I gave DH a month to decide.

This is a huge decision and impacts everyone. The twins, us, Nantie.. everyone. I've been trying not to push DH... but come on.. I have to drop hint bombs, right? Here is how I nonchalantly started the conversation last week:

ME: I know I gave you a month to decide on the kids' placement but I just wanted to let you know I've already made up my mind.

(Covert, right? It gets better..)

DH: Okay.

ME: Could you even begin to imagine packing their things up and shipping them off to another foster family?!

DH (startled): What? Oh hell no!

ME: Decision made?

DH: Without a doubt. If they don't go home to Mom they are already home.

And so it is. We've changed our status to fost/adopt.

At this point the case is geared towards reunifying Jack and Jill with mom and a target date for them to return has been set. We do not know what her treatment plan is and will not be told. Her next court date is in April and I plan to attend to get a better feel for how it's all going (for the most part we're kept in the dark).

SO, the prayer we're sending up goes something like this: "Dear Lord, we thank you for bringing these darling angels into our home. No matter the outcome, we will love them with all our hearts. Keep them safe, happy and healthy and help us be patient and understanding. Please watch over their Mama and help guide her. Keep us from being selfish and wishing her ill will. We put this in your hands. If they are to return home, please give us the strength to let them go."

One last question I have been asked is about pictures. I will not be posting anything that identifies them but trust me when I say they are darling.



FLgal said... the picture!
What gorgeous long hair she has :)
Thanks for the know, we are wishing you all the best!

Lori said...

That is one beautiful prayer.

It reflects your beautiful heart.

SassyMomma said...

I hope things go the way you hoping! =)

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

This post gave me lots of chills...the good kind! :) Love the picture! Love that they are looking forward to your hubby getting home and singing a song for precious!

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

I will DEFINITELY say that prayer for you and them! You have a big heart and glad to know someone like you.

ali said...

So glad you have these little blessings. My thoughts and prayers will be with you all.

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

That is so precious...sounds like everyone is on the mend and settling in. Thanks for filling in the blanks. I loved your subtlety...but DH's reply was even better!! lol

Jack and Jill (ingenious btw, so you can refer to them by names but protect them as you must.) do not know just yet what I can already tell...they have hit the jackpot in the foster home department. If you can keep your prayers going that way, then you are doing your most awesome best for sure. Such a tough position for you to be in. Just know that I for one will be a devoted listener no matter what, if and when you need to vent, roll your eyes, fume, whine, cry or cheer. At times it may be all of the above.:)



(Isn't it funny how suddenly close you can feel to someone you have not met when tied together through the bonds of adoption and all that that entails?)

Karla said...

How wonderful for all of you! Hoping and praying that it works out as it should...for all of you. I love reading your life...

Mama Bunny said...

She is adorable. I pray for everything to go peacefully in everyones hearts.

Michelle said...

Oh wow.. what beautiful hair!! I can only imagine how beautiful that little face is! :)

Loved the prayer, I am in a situation right now that I need my prayer to be the same as yours. I have to pray God's will and not my own.. so I know where you are coming from with that for sure!

I LOVE your DH's response.. I had a feeling that once you had them in your home, your status would is funny that way! :)

Mountain Girl said...

I pray that the BEST place for these children will happen (ok, I hope it's with you!)! I am excited for you and love to see the pictures, but understand you need to protect their privacy.

beth said...

Very exciting! And Jill is precious from the back :)

Bren said...

NO WAY! I want my OWN Lego microphone stand so the THREE of us can sing Karaoke A-L-L D-A-Y L-O-N-G!!! That is the cutest thing EVER! Okay, can join in too!
Oh Mel. I don't think I can pray any harder for you than I already am. I hope their mother chooses a healthy, sane, calm path and is able to pull it together, but ...but...but...*sniff sniff*

I luv ya darlin'!!!
-Auntie Bren


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