Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Rocking Birthday Celebration..

Missy and Nantie's birthdays are the week before mine so June can be described as a happenin' month in our little village. As ya'll can imagine, our celebrations have grown over the years... this one the biggest yet. We're throwing a BBQ tomorrow for all three of us and yes, there are more people coming to it than attended our wedding. Uncle Mike and Cousin Jen (Nantie's brother and daughter) flew in from the Great NorthWest and surprised her.. it has been a rockin' week ALREADY!

Wednesday night we had our family birthday celebration...

Remember my Wii Campaign last Christmas? IT WORKED!

My family never misses a beat.. The ice cream scooper went missing a few months back.. THAT won't happen again!

Last but not least, this picture says it all..
YES, that's my brand spankin' new Inspiron 17, running W7 with a built-in web cam and all the bells and whistles. OOooooooooooooo!

Nantie, Missy (AND EVEN DH!) also opened great presents (but I didn't get a chance to ask permission to post their pics so I'm not sharing.. for now).

It was a night of family, laughter, food and fun. Oh, and more laughter. I am so blessed to have the most awesome family ev-er and overjoyed our loved ones could fly in (more arrive tomorrow!!).

God is sooo good!



Sheri said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

You deserve the very best!

Have a great weekend!

Lavender Luz said...

Well, THEY love you, but WII love you, too!

Happy birthday, Melissa!

Now pass the ice cream.

Kristin said...

Happy Happy Birthday (and, I'm a wee bit jealous of that Inspiron).

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday girl! You deserve awesomeness to celebrate your day!



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