Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recertification Day ~ Oh Joy..

In my little blog's infancy, I did a post on our first final home check day. We had gone through months of home study and on that fine Saturday morning our certification weighed in the balance. I was on the verge of a full-scale freak out. That same morning (before the Big Event) I did a quickie follow-up post about my head almost exploding. It seems like only yesterday.

Good times..

We're back at it, 2 years wiser but I'm still totally on edge. The social worker that did our first home study will be here today (I won't even mention our gal from last year.. ugh). They know EV-ER-Y-THING about us from our first memories to current and that alone is unnerving, my friends. Then they pick through the house and do follow up, intensive interviews to make sure we're still "healthy" and a quality home.

I am fairly confident I'm good on my 20 hours of on-going training (DH is still working on his--he has a few weeks), our CPR classes are scheduled and we never made any drastic changes after JuneBug left (outlet plugs are still in place, blind cords are wrapped, etc), dogs vaccinations are up to date, car registrations/insurance current.. just need to make copies..

Need to remember to breathe..

YES, it's all done for the safety of the children and YES, it's an absolute must. I do not disagree with any part of the process but it still adds a few more grey hairs just the same. I thank the Good Lord for a rockin' stylist.. blond highlights do the trick..

Inhale.. Exhale..


SocialWrkr24/7 said...

Unless things are done MAJORLY different there than they are here.... you have NOTHING to worry about. :)

Kristin said... will totally kick butt and rock this recertification!

cloudmaster said...

I am sure all went well today. Those are unnerving though. We have been through three of them...By the way, keep up the good work on Mom TV. I am really enjoying the shows.

Beth Ann said...

You hang in there Melsie! You are a ROCK and you'll persevere as always! It will all happen....breathe....Love you! how bout more pics of your house? I cant beleive it looks like a B&B!


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