Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recertification ~ Part Deux

In T-Minus 3 minutes our home study worker is back for another round of recertification. Yes, I'm typing fast.. We're going to review her in-depth interview from two weeks ago, hand in our remaining training hours and hopefully sign off with a thumbs up. Parts of our home have not yet recovered from the big BBQ last weekend and is quite the sight. This is real life and she'll have to deal, right?

The rest of the Big Clean Up is slated for tomorrow.


I sternly told DH we are going to keep our lips zipped and get through this quickly. DH is normally quiet and doesn't engage in conversation unless he has a great story to tell. In other words, he doesn't talk just to hear his own voice. Yet another thing I love about him. That being said, during these interviews he goes on and on and on.. total Chatty Kathy. I'm like, "WHAT THE?? .."

Did he listen? We'll see..

Once this is out of the way, I get to go in to work (on my day off) to catch up on paperwork. Oh joy. I swear, since JuneBug left we're even busier than ever before... sigh.

Oh crud.. here she is...

Happy Saturday, Y'all!!


Mountain Girl said...

I'm sure ya'll will pass with flying colors! My hubby is the same way - we can go days without hardly talking and then it's like someone put a quarter in him and he won't shut up! :-) Have fun working after you pass your SW visit!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Hope everything went well!

cloudmaster said...

I never say much because DW never gives me the chance. On the other hand, if she did, I wuld probably just get myself into trouble anyway. Maybe thats why she doesnt let me.???

Sheri said...

I hope it all went well...and can't imagine that it wouldn't.

When do you find out how it went?

Good luck!

Kristin said...

Hope it went smoothly.


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