Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Call That Didn't Come

During Nantie's last home study visit, "D" asked if we had gotten any calls for emergency placements. For the record, we have not (trust me, ya'll will know). Come to find out, "D" had heard they were going to call us on a set of 3 month old twin girls both with broken bones. If that isn't hearbreaking I don't know what is. They were working hard to place the girls with family and were obviously successful.

Please keep the defenseless, innocent ones in your prayers.



Nichole said...

That is terrible. I hope that a relative placement will be able to help them heal and raise them with care.

Why did you guys decide to foster no younger than 3 months old?

Melissa said...

Great question, Nichole! We originally went with 6mos-5yrs because we both work full time and were going to have to do go the day care route. Now that Nantie is moving in, we can handle a wee bit younger so we dropped the age to 3 mos. I am told there are many certified families waiting for the very young ones and we'll probably get a call on an older child (closer to 5).

Lori said...

It's just so hard to imagine, to wrap my head around.

Wishing for a good resolution for those twins and for you.

cloudmaster said...

Why is it some people find it so easy to harm a child in such a way? Thankfully to most of us it is reprehensible. I guess we can all pray for the little ones.

Liz K. said...

I can't even imagine..why oh why would someone do that...sigh...may God be with them... said...

What's happening to this world? Most people seem not to care any more.


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