Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday's Game Plan

At 11am I'm going over to get the kids and bring them to our house. The plan is to introduce them to the little dogs, show them their rooms, pictures of our family and hang out. Then, off to McDonald's.

The family members they are living with now will send some packed things with them. They have tons of clothes and toys and my hope is having some familiar things around them will help in the move. I'm open to just about anything I can do within my power to ease their hearts and minds.

Tonight, DH and I are taking pizza over to their house and having dinner with the family. He hasn't met the kids (nor seen pictures) and is pretty darn excited. Guess who got more sleep last night? That would be ME! Ah HA!

Not living in the county we're certified in has it's downsides. No assistance with transportation, farther drives, etc. The upside we figured would be chances were less likely to run into family members while out and about with the kids. What a nightmare, right? Although Bmom lives in the county we are working with, her family does not. They live about 15 mins across town from us! Does anything EVER go as planned?? Um, no. Another good reason to build a relationship with them.

BirthMom is being told about the move this afternoon at her visitation. The general consensus is, although she knew it was inevitable, she is not going to be very happy.




Nichole said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I hope they are the ones and that everything goes smoothly :)

hrw102779 said...

Birthmom may not be happy but in time things will settle. This is what's best for "Jack and Jill" not about Birthmom...or even you. I'm glad to see that the Twins might be able to keep some birth family connections, but at this age memories will fade and before long you guy will the only Mommy and Daddy that they remember.

Remember not everyday has to be spectacular. Just coloring and occasional movie nights at home make for great memories even at that age (espically if you guys build a "fort" and lay under it while watching the movie and eating popcorn...)

Many thoughts, prayers, and love as you embark on this new chapter :)

Michelle said...

Oh Melissa!! I hope you have a wonderful day with the twins!! I think it's very nice that you are taking pizza and having dinner with the birth family too. I can't wait until they spend their first night in their new home..I want to know what they think of their room, the dogs..everything... don't leave out a single detail!! :)

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

I am so excited for you! So far it sounds as if things are moving along's great that you had an instant 'connection' with the twins, and that the birth family seem happy with the placement choice. Like Michelle said, I'll be looking forward to hearing all about their first night in their new home! ;)

Hopefully the BirthMom ultimately realizes that this is best for 'Jack and Jill', that they are going to the best home possible!

You are in my thoughts and prayers! :)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

So glad that these kids get to have you for a mom, whether it is temporary or permanent. You guys are in my prayers!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I hope all went well!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this placement! Let's see... I must have SOME advice SOMEWHERE for you... I'm a month into my first placement.



Breathe. Enjoy them. Try not to cry when they tell you any horrible stories they might have; they'll tell them very casually like nothing is wrong with it and that will break your heart. There will come a time when you're angrier about IF than you ever were before, because their bmom is a breeder and there are so many worthy people who will never be parents. One day you'll hug them, they'll call you Mom, they'll tell you they love you, and it might hurt a little. Above all, remember to love them beyond their behaviors - the way they are is not their fault. Remember to breathe - this will all be complicated and your life will change immensely in a very short time. Take lots of bubble baths. Um... And remember to wear sunscreen.


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