Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner, A 1 Year Anniversary & The Big Move

Last night our dinner with the family went well. I had shown the kids pictures of our family members while they were here and they proudly announced they knew DH and told him his first name as soon as we arrived.

What's that puddle on the floor? That would be DH.. he had melted. LOL.

We brought over pizza and had light conversation. We have not yet met birth mom (that meeting will take place at DSS somewhere down the line) but feel very good about establishing a relationship with the local family members. They are truly kind people that want the best for the kids and wish to be part of their lives. We will do everything in our power to make sure that happens.

After dinner, Jill proceeded to bring ALL her baby dolls out to the front room and then wanted to show DH her room. When they were done, Jack also wanted to show him the room (same one but the tour proceeded just the same). When I popped in the kids were laughing with DH and he and Jack were wrestling and playing on the bed.

There were tears and hugs as we departed. We're all going to ask the county if we can arrange to meet once a week all together once the kids are settled in. All they asked is that we take very good care of their babies and love them enough for all of us. If that doesn't make your heart break what will?

A 1 Year Anniversary:
One year ago this very day, DH and I began our two day training course with the county. To say it was intense is an understatement .. life changing would be much more accurate. When Nantie completed hers (which is now THREE days of training.. I can't even imagine!) she was thoroughly convinced EVERYONE should take it. Fostering, adopting or even just having kids of your own the courses taught were just plain awesome.

The ride home after the first training day, I held my breath not knowing where DH "was at" about the whole thing. We were spinning and exhausted. On tables throughout the room pictures of available children were placed and he had taken time to walk by them and read their stories. I finally couldn't take the suspense any longer and asked. His response, "I think we should fill the paperwork out tonight to get the process started.. and go for two siblings".

If I was sitting in a chair and not riding in the car, I would of fallen out of it. I was hoping for ONE and he wanted two? Seriously??! We spent the evening sipping Baileys and filling out the official paperwork. And so it began.

Fast Forward to today... later this morning the social workers will be moving the children over. My what a difference a year makes!

The Big Move:
In about an hour the kids will arrive with the social workers. DH and I are ready to receive them and Nantie is expected about an hour later. She will get to know them as we muddle through paperwork.

After that, we're flying by the seat of our pants..

Please keep the kids, their family and us in your prayers.



Michelle said...

Why do I always cry when I read your posts? :)

I'm so glad everything went well and what a blessing that those kids know that they are loved by both of their families, that is so important. I can't imagine the anticipation, I would love to be a fly on your wall when they get there. I'm SOOO excited for you and for them!! ( and for Nantie)
Keep the updates coming!!

Anonymous said...
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Dearest Jessica said...

wow congrats! Keep us posted! said...

Congratulations Melissa! I'm so excited for you guys. What an amazing day this will be. I still remember the day my mom and soon to be brother came to pick up my twin sister and I. We were seven. My sister was sad to leave. I was, too, but was okay with it somehow. I was suppose to exchange rocks with a friend the next day at school and I remember wondering how I was going to tell her I couldn't meet up with her. You see, our foster mom at the time told us the night before that we were leaving the next morning and we only had that night to pack. We were confused that night because we had been told that this would be our forever home.
We were taken from our original family at four years old. My mother had problems of her own (drinking, etc, and had a hard time taking care of her own needs). I remember the police man coming and taking us. We left with our shoes on our feet. And went to a nice foster family. And then to the second nice foster family. Which is where we were picked up by our adoptive family. I hope this is making sense.
Looking back is seems that the whole process was so much easier just being a twin. Being a twin helps because you have somebody there with you that is your playmate and has been there with you from the beginning. So it's a blessing that Jack and Jill have each other and such a loving family like you and your husband and Nantie to go to. I do remember a lot of love from our foster families and that made the whole experience feel so much more of a "normal" process in the eyes of a child.
Enjoy the sweet children...what a blessing.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I am praying for you but you will be just fine! I am so happy and excited for you and those kids- and that puddle isn't DH, it's all of us melting at the thought of how lucky those kids are!

hrw102779 said...

I'm so glad that things are going so well so far...I have no doubts that they will continue to!

I have come close to tears with your blog, but finally cried heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. These babies really are deeply loved and bless you guys for wanting to keep that part of the family in Jack and Jill's life.

I look forward to many posts about stepping on barbie shoes and drawings on the wall...

Phoebe said...

Congratulations on your twins! I'm a stepmom, which is kinda like an adoptive mom. Four seems like such a great age to adopt. Enjoy the craziness and fun that it brings! Here from Lost and Found.

Angela said...

What a fantastic thing to come on and read! I hadnt been on here for a week or so and had to catch up. I found your blog when you first started it thru Kadi's blog, and I have enjoyed reading it ever since! congrats on getting "the call"!!

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

Girl, you are totally in my prayers although it sounds like you are doing GREAT!!

Yes, gotta love the flying by the seat of your pants feeling. lol Parenting at it's finest.:) I'll let you in on a secret I have discovered...thats what we all do.:)

Wow...a year, huh? Amazing the difference a year makes.:)

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

I'm so behind and playing catch-up... :) What an exciting time for you guys! You are in my thoughts and prayers! :)


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