Monday, January 19, 2009

Calm, Cool & Collected..

NOT!!! (My picture in the sidebar pretty much hits the nail right on the head).

Last night I got about 2 hours of sleep. My little mind was spinning (still is, as a matter of fact). The call we are waiting on could end up being life changing. Totally epic. When DH got home tonight we talked about the day and I told him how beat I am:

DH: Why?

Me: Um, the twins. (insert internal eye roll and big fat, "Duh" here).

DH: (still perplexed)

Me: Well, if we do get them it's huge.. LIFE ALTERING HUGE! For one thing, because of the age range we've chosen I've had to hold off on decorating and their room is fairly bare. If they do come I will have almost zero time to make it comfortable...

On and on I ranted, all the while DH cocking his head to and fro like our dobe when he hears a high pitched noise.

DH: So you're stressing about stressing over something that may not even come to pass. Yes?

Me: Yes.

DH: Backs away slowly.

I've already popped 2 Tylenol PMs and hope they kick in soon. It's in His hands and whatever will be will be.

I'm getting slleeeeppppyyy.



Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Girl, I am in agony with you- hoping and praying that God's will be done in this situation. Hang in there and get some sleep- if you do get them you will need it
:-) ~Hugs~

Nichole said...

I think biological or not the instinct is to be prepared. Not sleeping because your mind is continously making a mental checklist of all the things you need? I wanted to avoid that at all costs and that is why I've been gathering everything I will need...except a rocker (still have to find one of those). The nursery is gender neutral and would work for any age really. Writing out a list will help :)

Elizabeth said...

Been there and done that! Our son is adopted and we got the call Dec. 1, met BM Dec. 3rd and he was born Jan.12. Just a month and during the holidays! I was painting the week before he was born. As long as you have the basics, the rest will come. Depending on age, they might like to chose their "own" stuff for once.

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers! I'll be waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens... :)


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