Friday, January 16, 2009

News From Around The Blogosphere!

Since my little world is really boring at the moment (RINGPHONERING!) I thought I would pass along some exciting happenings around BloggyLand:

Tune in to TrueFemme tonight at 6pm PST. Kadi and Danielle are celebrating the launch of Uncorked and prelaunch of TrueFemme. No doubt it will be a laugh riot!! Joining them is our friend Trish from MomDot. I have my wine glass and fav bottle of Merlot ready!

Michelle at Eat, Sleep, Create! has some exciting news to be announced soon.. stay tuned!
Eat Sleep Create

Looking to strengthen your marriage?? Toni from Daily Dose is launching a new blog dedicated to the book, "The Love Dare". The journey starts on February 14th and I'm in, are YOU?!
The Love Dare

Keep praying for Abby. The following is an email sent to our Facebook group:
Abby made it two days after getting chemo… she’s being admitted to the hospital today. Her spinal pressure has shot up again… she is also showing the beginning signs of this intense chemo… throwing up a lot, the shakes, tired, feeling very poorly….

Corrine at My Haiku finally revealed how many snowflakes there are!

I'm working on a new series for The Classy Closet.. Stay Tuned!

Our friend Cherie at Meet The Robinsons found out they are having a baby boy and all indications show he's healthy!

Ann Again.. and again is hosting a Virtual Girls Night Out Tonight! Put your jammies on and join the fun!! I'll be stopping by for sure!!

I'm sure there's more exciting news out there.. Please send me your announcements and button codes and I'll add it to the post!!


Happy Friday, Ya'll!!!!



Ann said...

Since it's Friday I'm hosting my Virtual Girls Night Out. If you have the time, please come over. It's a fun way to meet other bloggers. :->

Anonymous said...

I think I'm joining in on the Love Dare journey. I just need to get the book!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

What a great post idea! Happy Friday!

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

What a fun post! Thanks.

Stopping by from Ann's GNO

Michelle said...

Aww.. thanks for the shout out! :) I wish I could get up the nerve to announce it.. I keep thinking I'm going to jinx myself somehow..LOL!! It's comming.. it's comming!! :)

Ann said...

Melissa, thanks for posting about the Virtual GNO. I hope you had fun too!
And I hope to see you again. :->


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