Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Night At Last

Auntie MooMoo (Missy) came over to spend some time with the twins this afternoon. When I got home the kids were already in jammies and homemade chicken noodle soup was bubbling on the stove.

One word: HEAVEN!

The kids had already eaten and were soon off to sleep. AN EARLY NIGHT! It's 8:30, I'm already showered and in bed with DVR'd Supernanny. Could it get any better?


Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be rainy/snowy/cold/icky. Perfect to stay snuggled in with the kiddos, hunkered down watching movies and hopefully recover from this stupid cold. DH is off snowmobiling for the day and Nantie and I will hold down the fort. In sweats, no doubt.

For now, it's a shooter of NyQuil & JoJo... Nighty night.



Kadi said...

I so wish you has custody of the kids already! I still need to find a family for Supernanny. How cool would it be to have a little JoJo time of your own?
Praying that you get well soon!

Kadi said...

Oh geez...I meant to write the word "had" not "has"


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