Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bring On The Blizzard

It has been a dry winter here in the foothills of CO and statewide, as well. We're way below the norm for moisture/snow for this time of year. It was 70+ degrees last weekend and everyone was running around in shorts playing outside. With the tease of spring what could that possibly set us up for?

Why, a blizzard of course!

Last night's winter storm watch is now a blizzard warning. I have no complaints other than I am taking the morning off for a meeting at DSS and will be driving in it. Not cool. Like the smart little former Girl Scout I am I did gas my car up after work yesterday (and let me mention I got $.60 off thanks to my Safeway points-- I paid $1.23 a gallon .. WOOHOO!!). We've currently got a couple of inches of white stuff on the grassy areas and it's coming down in a big way.

The one really crummy thing about fostering to adopt is that you cannot discuss the case. It's the whole privacy thing. I am bursting at the seams wishing I could tell ya'll what's going on. Instead I ask that you keep us in your prayers and good thoughts today. Honestly, I'm rather dreading it.

Secretly I hope it snows so hard we can't make it.. heehee



Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Oh, oh, oh...I'm a foster can tell me! Well, not everything. :)

OldWestMom said...

Do you remember the Christmas storms we had 2 years ago?

I was in the middle of my fostering back then. I had a visitation scheduled the day it snowed like 2 feet. I knew not showing would be a huge no-no, and frankly it wasn't snowing too bad in the AM when his meeting was. I tried calling, but of course got no answer. I left several messages with 2 social workers asking if the meeting was on, and to call me ASAP. I called and spoke with an operator, and she told me the place was open for biz, so I bundled my kiddo up, packed a few extra supplies, and loaded him up in the all wheel drive sleigh.

I get there, sit outside waiting for the appointment, and the snow just starts DUMPING. I call again. Still no answer. FINALLY, the SW comes out. Sorry, no visit! They're closing for the weather. Yeah, now you tell me.

So I turn around to make the trek 20 miles back home. By now, it's a full on blizzard. The roads were rapidly getting worse, and it was white out conditions. I made it off the interstate (after 2 hours of white knuckle 10 MPH driving), and traffic was at a standstill.

No one was moving. No one could. People were getting out of their cars and walking. I managed to turn down an industrial park road, and pulled into a Taco Bell. They were closing down, but see me and the baby and let us in. I called my hubby, wondering if I should try to get through or cross the street and just wait at Target. He voted to push through. So back in the car, and after another 2 hours of winding on badly drifted backroads, I made it home.

NO way I would have made it without all wheel drive. Kiddo was a perfect angel the whole time. No fussing, no crying. It was like he knew I needed to concentrate.

I have never been so pissed at the DFACS. Well, that's not true. They pissed me off a lot. But this was definitely up there.

OldWestMom said...

By the way, since you're blogging in my genre, and about something near and dear to my heart, would you be interested in trading buttons?

OldWestMom said...

I'm here to thank you for your comment and grab your button. I'll be adding it to my site momentarily!


BTW - I'm gonna dig around on your site to read more. I'd love to hear about how you felt finding out at 30 and more about how it's going with your kids!

Fiona said...

we were skiing in crested butte, was secretly hoping to be stuck there ... bummer!


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