Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Plague Continues

No magic overnight... I actually took a turn for the worse. I called off work again and went to the doctor (something I rarely do). My boogery nose from last Thursday is now acute bronchitis. The bright side as per Missy MooMoo?

"At least it's not an ugly bronchitis".

(Ya, that took me a second to get, too).

I'm going to pop my 'scripts, hit the pillow and stay hunkered down until Thursday.




Bren said...

OOOOOHHHHH honey...I'm so sad you're sick! I know YOU are REALLY feeling like poop when you miss work.

I'll just stay here in CA and not get sick, K?


Michelle said...

Get well!

Kadi said...

EEEKS. Not good. Get well soon. And when you do, please send Nantie my way. I really need a Nantie!!


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