Saturday, March 7, 2009

Makin' Chicken Soup Outta Chicken Poop

When the twins came to live with us it was very apparent that chocolate milk (and come to find out later, chocolate doughnuts) were once a daily dietary staple. The family members they lived with prior to moving here had tried to ween them off both. They were down to big globs of Hershey syrup in a glass of milk twice a day.


When my Mama was taking chemo the treatments made her taste buds go all out of whack. Everything tasted like metal and most food made her nauseous. Her oncologist recommended Ensure. She actually liked the shakes and they provided much needed nourishment.

That little life lesson has come in handy once again. Instead of pouring chocolate syrup in milk, we are adding just a dollup of Creamy Milk Chocolate Ensure. The kids love it.

This is just one example of how we are trying to use our creative noggins to get the the kids to eat healthy. What are your secrets to tricking (er, making) your kids eat nutritious meals?



Snowmommy said...

Applesauce in pancakes is a great trick, and don't forget hidden veggies in spaghetti sauce (finely chopped zucchini is easily hidden).

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

We bought the Deceptively Delicious cookbook and our boys love the recipes in it. They are good fruit and veggie eaters, though, but I would think picky eaters would agree. The chocolate chip cookies and french toast are a favorite!

Stella said...

This is an awesome trick!!

We have tons of problems with veggies with our kids...they HATE them!! My doctor has recommended pureeing them and hiding them in other foods. Like the above commenter we bought Deceptively Delicious and love the ideas in it!! It's a must have!!

hrw102779 said...

My little ones help "cook" and plan meals. At the store my 4 year old & 5 year old each pick out 1 or 2 veggies to have with dinner during the week. The night that it is made they get to help. They decide if it will be steamed, stir fried, fresh, ect. and help prepare it. They also decide what seasonings go on it and they wash it, season it....everything they can safely do. This has gotten them to eat things that they would have never tried before.

We also make sure they eat 1 fruit or veggie before they get something unhealthy. If they ask for fruit snacks or a cookie they need to eat some carrot sticks, or an apple first.

My 4 year old boy no longer asks for the unhealthy stuff and while on vacation had a meltdown over some apples he saw but could not have :)

Liz K. said...

so far, we are lucky...the kids like fruits and veggies, but the ensure trick might help with our 4 yr old and the choco milk issue, although we use low cal/low sugar/light choco syrup...does that count? hehehe

We too have the rule that we all have to have a fruit or veggie with every meal and before any unhealthy is an easy bartering tool and it gets all their f/v svgs in by the end of the day!

Tash said...

Hi, Melissa!
You are so funny - I love your avatar photo & the one of you & your mom. What amazing twists & turns life takes, indeed. As it's very late, I've just had a quick scan & will be back for much more.
Tash PVDP - glad to of been found :)

Elizabeth said...

I buy baby food veggies (level 1 or 2) and add them into all sorts of stuff. I've added into meatloaf, helpers, mac n cheese, all sorts of sauces, taco meat, etc. There is Pediasure for kids that is like Ensure. Luckily my son likes veggies for the most part. He has to eat at least 4 bites since he is 4 yrs old of anything he doesn't like.


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