Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Quickie Update...

I'm back to work this week but have neglected my little blog (I'm seriously running at 85%.. give or take). I've got some cool awards brags (thanks ladies!) and other things to write about but it all takes focus (and I have none). I'll get up to speed this weekend, I double dog swear.

We have some big stuff happening in the next few weeks (court and meetings) and I'm a little freaked. The kids could literally go home in the next three weeks. No joke. From what we can gather from the social workerese (IE: their smoke and mirrors jargon) we're fairly confident their mom is pulling it together and maintaining. Talk about emotions being pulled in two different directions. Compassion makes us happy for her but hey, we're human. We will be crushed if/when they go. This blog will be chock full of "whoa is me's" I guarantee it.

That's what I call a fair warning.

In the meantime, I will stand over them as they sleep and say little prayers for them. We will marvel at their angelic, sleeping faces and not take any of our time for granted. They are precious and we are so very blessed to have the honor of being a small part in their lives.

.. And I solemnly swear to try to remind myself of all that in the middle of unexplainable melt downs ..




Anonymous said...

Bless you for loving those little ones. They are lucky to have you, even if it's temporary. I love children and I couldn't do what you're doing, because I don't think I could let them go, I'm not as strong as you guys. You and your husband are their angels, and the impact in their lives is priceless. Lucky, luckly kiddos.

My dear friend is a foster mom, and she is about to send a little guy who has been in her care for many months to live with other blood relatives (his mom couldn't keep it together) and she is crushed. She, too, got into the system in hopes of being able to adopt - and has been able to - she was given an infant to care for and ended up getting to be his mom forever. Keep up the good work - I'm not super religious, but I do think that every person that comes into our lives is for a specific reason - these children have theirs in your life, and you in theirs. There are children out there who need you forever, as their mommy, and they will find their way to you. They, too, will be lucky to have parents who want them so much. Just as the foster kids in your care have been lucky to feel your love for whatever time they get that in your home, and they will take that with them.
Hang in there...

Kadi said...

I will also keep up my fervent prayers for you all. (Though I secretly wish you get to keep them....ok....maybe not so secretly.)
Hugs to you. I'm always around if you need to spill your woes to me.

Tracey said...

You will always have made an impact on their lives no matter what happens. Even if they don't remember you years from now, you will have been there for them during a very difficult time. On some level they will always know that.

Hang in there. You never know what can happen in the crazy world of social services!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

No matter what happens, those kids are better off for having known you and experienced true love from people who would go to the ends of the earth for them.

Only God knows what impact you have had and will have on them, and only He knows the plans he has for you to touch others lives as well.

Big hug!

She Became A Butterfly said...

Melissa, God is with you. He is carrying you right now.

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

You are truly living in the moment and that is all you can do. Each moment is precious and you are all so blessed to be sharing them together. Thank you for sharing them wish us!


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