Monday, May 25, 2009

A Bloggy Shout Out

Social workers have a really bad rap. All we ever hear about are the horrifying slackers in the news. Imagine that. No matter what the outcome is in our case I can say without hesitation we are blessed to have the absolute best team in place for Jack & Jill. From Mom's worker, to ours, to the G.A.L. and her C.A.S.A. All we have met are amazing. Overworked and overloaded? Yes. But they truly care and don't take their jobs lightly.

Although we are just one piece of the puzzle we feel we are valued.

Today's shout out is for a great blog I've recently discovered called Eyes Opened Wider written by Socialwrker24/7. She is a 20 something social worker that has a heart for the Lord and loves her work. She writes beautifully and is a total inspiration. I love finding awesome social workers that poopoo their stigma.

Surf on over and give her a big Full Circle, "Howdy Do!!"


(PS Hope ya'll have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day! Please take a moment to say a prayer for our troops!)



ModernMommy said...

I know many social workers and it is absolutely true. They are all amazing people and do their job because they love kids and they love helping people. But the things they have to deal truly take a toll on them. I am just to thankful there are people like that in this world.
Thanks for the link, I will check it out!

SocialWkr24/7 said...

Wow.. seriously, thank you! I appreciate the shout out of course, but even more I appreciate hearing something nice about social workers. So, Thanks again!

Nichole said...

She rocks!


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