Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Pestilence..

Does it EVER END??

Little Jill has been coughing the last few days. It had been a dry cough so we weren't worried. Last night I went to check in on her while they were sleeping and discovered she had coughed so hard she threw up on her pillow. Eww. Poor thing. I had purchased the wrong children's medicine the last time I stocked up and was at the grocery store at 6am this morning.

That won't happen again.

She had a temperature this morning (and still felt like poo). Jack got to go to school solo for the first time (and he was a proud little messenger). All the kids ran up to see where Jill was and he proudly announced she was "vewy" sick but at home with Nantie getting better.

I swear I wince every time I hear a sneeze anymore.. another Mommy Rite of Passage, I presume..


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Sheri said...

The best cough medicine I have found (and was recommended by our pediatrician) is Delsym. It is expensive, but worth every penny.

Sorry to hear she was sick. Sounds like you have this mothering thing down.


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