Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Girls Night Out, Baby!!

That's it.. we can't take it anymore. We're strapping on the stilettos, digging out the Lycra zebra-stripped mini dress from the Poison concert in '89 and hitting the town.

Okay, maybe not. Although I know at least one person that snorted morning coffee out her nose at the thought of me in warbling around in heels (*Bren*). By the way, I have yet to part with that dress as it very well could come back into fashion (cue Stacy and Clinton from stage right to whisk me off to New York now).

I digress..

So, it might not be as trashy as all that, but dang it we ARE doing a GNO just the same!! Thanks to our totally cool friends at Mile High Mamas, a bunch of us silly bloggin' chickies (and my bestest girl Auntie MooMoo) are headed to Denver tonight to catch Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women . Afterwards we also get to attend a Q&A with the stars and creators, Linda and Barbara. How cool is that?

But wait, there's more..

To top it off, two of my mostest favoriteist** blogging heros Amber and Lori will be there. I follow (er, cyber stalk) them on a regular basis and now they have to deal with me in person. Hopefully no one throws out conversations that end in "... restraining order..."

Alas, there will be no belly shots or bail money but I have no doubt it'll be a rockin' time just the same. Hey, I'm easy.. if it gets me out of doing dishes for a night I'm a happy camper..



**It's my blog, I can make up any darn word I wish and use it however I choose...


Amber said...

Hurray, hurray! And don't forget: I have a very special assignment: to transport you a pumpkin. :-)

Lori said...

Actually, I put out reTAINing orders on all my readers. YOU MUST KEEP READING!

Can't wait to finally meet you. I'll be looking for that zebra-striped minidress.

Nichole said...

Hope you have a great time!! You deserve it :)

Bren said...

What the heck is a "belly shot?" Hopefully you'll have a few SHOTS baby!!!


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