Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Expect The Unexpected.."

Fridays can be a bear and yesterday was no exception. The kids have visits on Thursday that typically rile them up at night and carry into the next day. Nantie had her hands full with defiance amongst other naughty behaviours. Not the kids' usual M.O. just how they cope with the overload sometimes.

After hearing of the day's shenanigans I braced myself for a rockus evening:

Expect: Meltdowns? More defiance? Super Nanny Episode Take 2? Oh Lord, please.. no! I mentally prepared myself for the worst (and poured a glass of Merlot).

Bring it on..

The Unexpected: We had none of it. The kids were absolutely perfect and we had a delightful evening. What the? DH has been sick and we enjoyed a very mellow, fun pizza and movie night. There were no issues putting on p.j.s or brushing teeth (which is totally flabbergasting because getting Jack to brush is drama to the nth degree). We snuggled on the couch, stayed up late watching The Bee Movie and went to bed without incident. What could possibly top that, you ask?

Hold on to your hats..

I had tucked our sleepy eyed children into bed and got huggies and sugah from both. As I stood at their door blowing the last of the night's kisses, Jack stops me and says,


"Yes, baby."

"Wissa, I wuv you."


"Oh darling, I love you and Jill, too.. Angels bless you and goodnight..."

(Insta tears, heart melting.. I turned to goo standing outside their closed bedroom door).

As much as he struggles with his feelings and the ways he tries to test me, that was beyond huge. It is a priceless gift that I will cherish forever.

For once that's my kind of unexpected!



Travis Erwin said...

It's those moments that make all the tough ones melt away.

Bren said...

I TOLD YOU!!! He loves you SO much but is scared to show it...until this. Awww....SO precious. I'm tearin' up with ya, my dear.

cloudmaster said...

That is what keeps you going through all the tough times.

Amber said...

Getting a little teary-eyed myself. What a precious gift!

Rebecca said...

Wow, what a beautiful moment!

Sheri said...

Kids have a way of throwing those wonderful comments in at just the right time, don't they?

A great story!

Michelle said...

Wow.. beautiful. And as much as that seemed like a gift to you.. that my friend, was your gift to him! :)


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