Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy (You're-Not-My-Mom-I-Don't-Love-You-Yes-I-Do) Mother's Day

Riddle me this Hallmark, got a card line for a girl like me?

I didn't think so..

This has been a tough week. We had a meeting at DSS a few days ago and got news I didn't want to hear. Nothing is set in stone but the writing is on the wall. In this situation I was more of an observer and it wasn't my place to speak unless spoken to. Obviously I can't go into detail but I can say that it took everything in me to keep quiet.


This Sunday will be bittersweet. I'm not a mom but I have joined the legions that has been up all night soothing crying, scared children out of nightmares. I've gotten sick along with them, kissed owies, practiced numbers, made dinners, taught manners, played, giggled and laughed with, survived massive melt downs and gone to church. I don't have stretch marks but do sport dark circles under my eyes after particularly rough nights.

That's gotta account for something.



Lori said...

Oh, goodness.

You are a mom in all the ways that matter.

I'm so sorry about the news.


Brittany said...

Yes you are a Mommy in all the ways that matter - from the heart. And a darned good one too!!!

So Happy Mother's Day to you I say!

Tiff said...

You are a Mom. You may not have your forever kids yet, but you are now a forever Mom. Celebrate the day, Mom!

Lauri aka Smitty!! said...

Melissa, sweetie...take it from me.


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