Friday, May 22, 2009

A Corner Turned..

From the get go, I was the least favorite in Jack's little world. In his eyes, my role as Big Mama was in direct competition with their own Mom and he was having none of it. The majority of his fits of anger, snide comments and naughty behaviour were directed solely at me.

Until recently..

Since our little breakthrough (the night he melted my heart with his first, "Wissa, I wuv you"), it's like a shift has taken place inside him. Although we snuggled and giggled before, it now feels very loving and true. We all see it. He has no qualms showing me affection and saying he loves me in front of everyone (even our social workers that were visiting this week). I'm even requested to help him dress on occasion.

Most excellent!

A boy that was once very quiet now can be described in one word as, "Joyful". He loves to sing, dance and entertain. The kid is a downright comic (undoubtedly the next George Lopez-minus the swear words, of course). Even the workers that knew him since the beginning of their case have described him as "a new child."

My friends, it makes our hearts sing!

Little Jill (the former boss of the two) has had to make some adjustments of her own. We think it's a little confusing for her that Jack now has opinions of his own and doesn't allow her to speak for him all the time. She'll just have to get used to that. On the flip side, since she no longer needs to be the one in charge (think Little Mommy) we believe she is relieved. All Jill needs to focus on is learning to just be a kid and not carry the weight of the world on her little shoulders.

This is the one of the hardest times in the case (even our worker has said so). We're in total limbo. The thought of them going home is unfathomable but totally possible. Court is in a few weeks and it's a biggie. I've been advised to go (I plan on sitting in back with my Jackie O's and scarf over my head so I'm not noticed-ah HA). It's two days after my Mortieth Birthday so it's totally blowing all the excitement over that big event.

Okay, not really. More like another excuse to hit the Hagen Daz that week.



Brittany said...

I am so glad they are making great strides with you. I'll be thinking of you often!

Sheri said...

It sounds like things are going great. Kids' behaviors say it all. I'll be thinking of you as the big day approaches.

The Knutson Klan said...

You're making me cry! Your blog is so wonderful,and I am so glad that you are enjoying your foster care journey. my husband and I are foster parents. We haven't had a placement in a year and a half (I got pregnant). Our first and only placements ( a brother and sister) ended up going to a family member after we were told they were ours. Very sad, and I think we need some time before we dive in again. It warms my heart to read your story. I was adopted by my stepfather (my dad dies when i was a tot), and as a young teen placed a son for adoption. You could say I have been around in the adoption world. I'll be praying for you! The best of luck! They are so lucky to have you!


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