Sunday, June 28, 2009

As Gomer Used to Say..

Today is destine to go down as a great day. Jack and Jill's 5th birthday isn't for a few weeks but we're doing a little sumpin sumpin for them family style later today. It has been decided that, since the next few weeks are packed, this is the only time we have to do a small family gathering just for them. The whole crew is coming over at noon for pizza, ice cream, cake ...

.. and to give them their brand spankin' new bikes (and yes helmets, too).

We'll be filling up the big whale pool that DH got for Father's Day (nice of him to share, huh?) so it'll be a fun, outdoors day. If we don't have our daily thunderstorms and tornados, that is.

Years ago, Auntie MooMoo, Nantie and I declared June our birthday month (because a day just isn't long enough, right?). It's looking like the twins get to call June and July as theirs.



Jan said...

Happy Birthday to Jack and Jill. I hope they are still surrounded by your love, stability, and family this July, as well as next July, and the next and so on. What a fun day!

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday! I do the same thing and claim the whole birthday month.

It seems fair that twins should get to claim two birthday months, since they have to share just about everything else.


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