Monday, June 1, 2009

Knock Knock!!

Jack and Jill: "Huh?"

DH: "Knock Knock!"

J&J: "Come In!"


Me: "Who's there?"

J&J: "OH YEAH! Who is there??"

DH: "Boo!"

J&J: "Boo Who?"


(gales of laughter)

Jack: "Knock Knock??"

DH, J & Me: "Who's there???"

Jack: "Yellow!"

DH, J & Me: "Yellow WHO!???!"

Jack: "Yellow is the color of my head, gotta get in my car and go to work now .. but don't cry..."

Jill & Me: Can't speak.. fallen out of the chair laughing..

DH: Shaking head/laughing: "If these kids were any cuter it would have to be illegal.."

Jack just sat there darn proud of his comedic skill. Goofy kid.



Sheri said...

Part of the blessing of kids is truly being with them.

It sounds like the four of you belong together.

Brittany said...

I love that, when we just laugh uncontrollably with the kids! Makes the days so much sweeter and you feel like a kid again!

Auntie Moo said...

But where's his ball-head picture? That shows just how silly this little man can be!

I wish everybody could see these kids - they are so darn cute!!

Elizabeth said...

My son's knock-knock joke he created goes like this -
Charlie -knock-knock
Me -who's there?
Charlie -choo-choo like a train1

Then he laughs hysterically and so I join in. Charlie is 4.


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