Friday, June 5, 2009

"Hit The Rooo-ooad Jack".. (and Jill, and DH, Auntie MooMoo, Uncle Kiwi, Gramsie & Grampapa..)

That's right, we're headed off into the Colorado Rocky Mountains for a weekend of hunting and gathering. Armed only with our basic instincts and survival skills, we will brave the wilds.

Er, not really.

I'm sitting here staring at the hysterically huge list of stuff I need to load into the motor home and somehow have it ready to roll outta here mid afternoon. Keep in mind I'm working until noon-ish. Movies, food, clothes, golf gear and Lord help me if I forget Jack's blankie (I shiver at the very thought).

I'm going to need a vacation from our vacation!

Nantie is staying home and tending to the herd o' canines. I pray they stay quiet long enough for her to relax and enjoy herself!

Stay tuned.. should be a hoot!

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hrw102779 said...

Every Mother needs a vacation from their family vacation...


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