Monday, December 14, 2009

Find My Family

As many of you know, not only am I a foster mom that hopes to one day adopt, but an adoptee as well. I found out what they refer to as "late in life" (age 30) that I was an adopted county baby.

Since the premier of the show a few weeks back I've been inundated with emails and phone calls asking if I have watched and my thoughts about it. As a matter of fact, the night it premiered I had several calls from (crying) inquisitors. It really moved them. On the flip side, I've also heard the naysayers speaking out against it (there's always haters, right?) with the stand that it exploits the families.


Let me tell ya, I've beaten the bushes searching for 10 years, waiting just over 8 months to get my flimsy non-id information and had wonderful "search angels" (they work for free) try to help me along the way. With no luck. I've gotten quotes of anywhere from $700-$3500 from private investigators who all claim to be the best of the best. Did I mention there are no guarantees?

Of course not.

I believe I (and other adoptees) have the right to inquire about our linage, health history and other family information non adopted people take for granted. Perhaps even meet one blood relative and unlock a secret or two about ourselves along the way. My birth mom may have passed away and I have accepted that. She also has the right not to be found nor want to meet. I respect that. If someone from a production company wants to utilize their professionals to search and document my journey (for free) I have one thing to say:


I DVR'd Find My Family but didn't watch it until this past weekend. It just hits so close to home I think it took me a while to muster the courage to view it. Silly, huh? Although my story is not nearly as compelling as those shown, it's dang relatable on so many levels...

Pass the tissues, please.

Sappy, emotional, gooey me loves the show. Host Tim Green was adopted and searched for his birth mom (okay, being a former NFL player--amongst other accomplishments-- is cool, too). Host Lisa Joyner, also an adoptee, has an adopted daughter, does a wonderful job on the show (and she's married to Jon Cryer--Duckie, ya'll! Brownie Points! lol). Seriously though, it's a lovely, feel-good show... the haters just need to move on.

Now for the million dollar question.. have I applied to be on it? Maybe.

Maybe not.


SocialWrkr24/7 said...

I have wondered about your thoughts... :) Mine will be up in a post tomorrow morning!

I'd say we probably agree more than we disagree... but I admit, I can't STAND Tim or Lisa! Oh well, I hope we agree on the more important stuff - hope you'll check it out and comment tomorrow!

Lavender Luz said...

How exciting!

I think the fact that one class of citizens can't see their original birth certificates, when all other citizens can, is very, very wrong.

Good luck to you -- in so many ways!


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